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Sporting gijón - oviedo

Sporting gijón - oviedo

ÚLTIMOS CINCO PARTIDOS, Fecha, COMPETENCIA. Real Oviedo · 0 - 0 · Sporting Gijón, 9 de Sep., , Segunda División de España. Sporting Gijón · 1 - 1. El derbi asturiano es el partido de fútbol que enfrenta a los dos principales equipos del Principado de Asturias: el Real Sporting de Gijón y el Real Oviedo. Final del partido, Sporting Gijón 1, Real Oviedo 0. 90'+8'.

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Remate parado por bajo Sporting gijón - oviedo la izquierda. Lucas Ahijado Falta. Comentarios principales. Empate entre Sporting gijón - oviedo dos equipos con un marcador de Lugar del partido.

Sporting gijón - oviedo
Sporting gijón - oviedo
Sporting gijón - oviedo
Sporting gijón - oviedo
Sporting gijón - oviedo

The Asturian derby Asturian : Derbi asturianu , Spanish : Derbi asturiano or Derbi astur , is the name given to any association football match contested between Sporting de Gijón and Real Oviedo , the two biggest clubs in Asturias. The rivalry is well-known as one of the strongest, most heated in Spanish football. The first competitive match between the two teams was played on 5 December , after the two main teams in Oviedo Stadium Ovetense and Deportivo Oviedo merged to create Real Oviedo.

The first official match in the Spanish league was played in February , during the Segunda División , and Oviedo swept Sporting by 6—2 thanks to four goals from Barril in the second half. In the first derby in La Liga was played, and the Carbayones won again 2—1.

Historique des confrontations entre Real Oviedo et Sporting Gijón

On 27 February , just after the kick off of the derby at El Molinón, several people became injured after an avalanche happened in one of the stands of the stadium. On 29 May a special derby was held in Oviedo, where Sporting won by 2—1 at Estadio Carlos Tartiere in the penultimate match of the —77 Segunda División , achieving promotion to La Liga and beginning the 'golden years' of the club. On 15 March , Oviedo won 2—1 in the last derby in La Liga to date.

After that season , Sporting were relegated to Segunda División with the worst performance ever in the Spanish top league. The first derby at the new Estadio Carlos Tartiere was played on 28 October , being the first ever sell-out for the venue; Sporting beat the locals 2—0.

Sporting gijón - oviedo

In , the clubs played the last derby before the relegation of Oviedo to Segunda División B , later dropped to Tercera División due to unpayments [ spelling? Oviedo won by 2—1. After Oviedo's second goal, one of the stands collapsed and several fans went onto the pitch, without any injured persons. Due to this, Estadio Carlos Tartiere was closed for one game.

After Oviedo were relegated to the lower divisions, the club had to play against Sporting B for several years until their comeback to Segunda División in In that time, Sporting B won some of the matches played, specially importants the two 4—1 wins, one of them at Carlos Tartiere.

Oviedo and Sporting met again on 9 September , in the fourth round of the —18 Segunda División , breaking the biggest gap ever 14 years without facing each other in official competitions. The match, played in Gijón, ended with a one-goal draw. The second derby of the —20 season , initially dated for 29 March , was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sporting gijón - oviedo

It finally was played on 22 June at El Molinón, behind closed doors, and finished with the win of the carbayones by 0—1. In April , when both clubs were suffering acute financial trouble, there were rumours about meetings between the board of directors of both clubs to discuss a merger to create a single team in the region called Real Asturias , and also to study the possibility of building a new stadium between Oviedo and Gijón.

Supporters of both clubs and the vast majority of the institutions were opposed to this proposal. Source: [12]. The following players have scored 3 or more league goals in the Asturian derby.

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